The pallets project does not have a strong structure yet and maybe that will not change. The head of the information organization is Armin Ronacher and potentially controversial decisions are signed off through him.

Decision Making Process

The purpose of the pallets project is primarily to reduce the risk of the projects to depend too much on a single person and secondly to document the otherwise very opaque processes a bit. All important decisions will still be made by Armin Ronacher until a better structure emerges naturally but ideally most problems fall into categories that are well enough covered by the Governance section of this website.

External Services

We learned the hard way with the projects that reliance on external services can both be a huge maintenance burden as well as be a great help in avoiding to have to maintain a bunch of services ourselves. As such the process going forward is to absolutely embrace external services for as long as we know how to migrate off them if necessary and that we're sufficiently convinced that they are well run. For instance we're very happy to be reliant on GitHub, Travis-CI and other services for code hosting and similar things.


The permission structure is managed on GitHub which is our primary home for the project. In particular it also shows who can commit to different projects and how. The teams can be found here: