Werkzeug 0.15.0 Released

written by David Lord on 2019-03-19 in Releases

The Pallets team is pleased to release Werkzeug 0.15.0. This represents over a year of work from the community and maintainers, and as such there is an unusually long list of changes. Some of the notable ones are listed below, but there are many more throughout the framework. Read the full changelog to understand what changes may affect your code when upgrading.

  • Building URLs is ~7x faster.
  • Redirects now use HTTP code 308 by default. This preserves the method and form data.
  • int and float URL converters can handle negative numbers.
  • The debugger saw a number of improvements. Python 3's chained exceptions are correctly displayed and logged. Frames of user code are highlighted to make it easier to read tracebacks.
  • The reloader is much better at detecting how to re-run itself. It handles python -m as well as non-Python executable scripts.
  • The test client takes a json parameter, and the response class has a get_json method. This makes testing JSON APIs much more straightforward.
  • URLs with Unicode or percent-escapes are handled better. Quoting when converting between URIs and IRIs is more consistent, and the unquoted URL is logged by the dev server rather than showing percent escapes.
  • Deprecation warnings have been added throughout the code in preparation for version 1.0.
  • Werkzeug now uses pre-commit, black, reorder-python-imports, and flake8 to provide consistent code formatting. The code also moved to a src directory layout.
  • And much more!

werkzeug.contrib has been deprecated

The code under the werkzeug.contrib package has been deprecated. In version 1.0, code will either be moved into werkzeug core, or will be removed completely. Contrib started as a place to put code that wasn't clear where it belonged. In the 12 years since Werkzeug started, the packaging ecosystem and Werkzeug's codebase have evolved. The contrib code has not been widely maintained, often having better implementations elsewhere or no longer being required.

  • ProxyFix, LintMiddleware, and ProfilerMiddleware have moved into werkzeug.middleware.
  • securecookie and sessions have been extracted to the pallets/secure-cookie repository.
  • cache has been extracted to the pallets/cachelib repository.
  • Everything else is deprecated.

Deprecation Warnings

Besides contrib, many other parts of Werkzeug have been marked, either explicitly or implicitly, as deprecated, for many years. This release ensures that every occurrence issues a clear deprecation warning that mentions when the code will be removed. Currently, everything marked deprecated is slated to be removed in version 1.0.

  • Unused compatibility imports for code that was moved to another module within Werkzeug. This code is still available, but should be imported from the correct location.
  • Middleware in werkzeug.wsgi has moved to werkzeug.middleware.
  • The werkzeug.wrappers module was converted to a package of more specific modules. Imports for classes that were publicly documented in the previous version will work without change.

Install or Upgrade

Install from PyPI with pip:

pip install -U Werkzeug

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