MarkupSafe 1.1.0 Released

written by David Lord on 2018-11-05 in Releases


  • Dropped support for Python 2.6 and 3.3.
  • Using newer CPython APIs gave the C extension a 1.5x speedup on Python 3. Python 2 will still get the same speed as before, but you should consider upgrading if possible.
  • The escape function uses the __html__ method on an object if it's available. It will now ensure that result is wrapped in the Markup class, for consistency with other behavior.

Platform Wheels

Installing from PyPI with pip will now install a precompiled wheel if available. Wheels have been compiled for supported CPython versions on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

MarkupSafe comes with a C extension that adds a significant speedup to escaping. However, if a compiler or headers aren't available, the install will fall back to a native Python implementation. Previously, the user would see no indication that they didn't get the speedups, or would see confusing error messages even though the install succeeded. Now, many more users will be able to take advantage of the speedups provided by MarkupSafe without extra configuration.


Full documentation has been added in place of the previous README. It is available through Read the Docs at

Install or Upgrade

Install from PyPI with pip:

pip install -U MarkupSafe

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