Jinja 2.10.1 Security Release

written by David Lord on 2019-04-06 in Releases , Security

Jinja 2.10.1 has been released and includes a security-related fix. If you are using the Jinja sandboxed environment you are encouraged to upgrade.

MITRE has assigned CVE-2019-10906 to this issue.

Thank you to Brian Welch for responsibly reporting the issue, and to Armin Ronacher for writing the fix.

The sandbox is used to restrict what code can be evaluated when rendering untrusted, user-provided templates. Due to the way string formatting works in Python, the str.format_map method could be used to escape the sandbox.

This issue was previously addressed for the str.format method in Jinja 2.8.1, which discusses the issue in detail. However, the less-common str.format_map method was overlooked. This release applies the same sandboxing to both methods.

If you cannot upgrade Jinja, you can override the is_safe_attribute method on the sandbox and explicitly disallow the format_map method on string objects.

Reporting Security Issues

If you think you have discovered a security issue in Jinja or another of the Pallets projects, please email [email protected] with details.