Blinker 1.6 Released

written by P G Jones on 2023-04-02 in Releases

Signalling allows for applications to be decoupled by allowing designated receivers to be informed when an action has taken place (the signal). Flask and Quart both utilise the excellent Blinker library to support signals and it is version 1.6 of this library that has been released.

This is the second major release of Blinker since maintenance transferred to the Pallets-eco organisation, and represents a desire to maintain it for the benefit of Flask, Quart, and indeed Blinker users.

The Changelog for 1.6 is headlined by a mondernisation of the project structure which should ensure easier maintenance into the years to come. In addition we've added:

  • an ability to temporarily mute signals,
  • support for int senders,
  • support for async (coroutine) receivers,
  • and we've type hinted the project.